Yet Another Website Migration

By my count this is the sixth incarnation of the BadPopcorn website. And it’s sort of like Doctor Who, he’s pretty much always The Doctor, but looks a little different, and that how this website is today.

Doctor Whos

The Fifth Website

The last website version had two parts to it a Wordpress blog (from the forth incarnation) and a Rails app. There where some big plans for the Rails app, but we got distracted with trying to get our company running and it turned out to only generate four static pages.

Then our main project beyond the whiteboard started taking off and we shifted from posting blogs here to there. The total number of posts for 2010 was only three!

The Sixth Website

A while back I read about GitHub Pages and it became clear that this would be a good alternative to our custom Rails app. Thus this weekend I set out to convert and transform our website yet again.

We already had a BadPopcorn organization on GitHub, so it wasn’t too difficult to start a repo under that for the website. And as a bonus I got to learn a new tool/project named Jekyll.

At first I thought that we would just replace the Rails app and leave the Wordpress install alone, but as I learned more about Jekyll it seemed easier to migrate the posts over as well. And that’s what I did.

I had to fix up a couple of things with the posts, namely some text encodings and image locations, but overall it was pretty easy conversion.

With the new website going hopefully we’ll have a bit more posts in 2012 than 2011!