Affion Crockett, Great Example of Online Branding/Marketing

Who is Affion Crockett?

Before this video I thought he was just a funny guy on Wild'n Out. I now know he is also a musician, oskamill, and was recently in the movie Dance Flick. Affion is using the internet to show off his versatility as an entertainer. Best of all, he is slowly eliminating the middle man (studios). He has over 47,000 subscribers on youtube (his latest video has about a million views as of now), over 7000 friends on myspace, about 7000 followers on twitter, and has 5000 friends on facebook ( i couldn't find a real fan page). He has a, almost instant, connection to about 70,000 fans. Fans who will most likely share, retweet and email anything he puts in his feeds.