Game Corner?

Moe asked me if I'd like to post here on the BadPopcorn blog, to talk about random game industry stuff. Maybe I should have said no.

Well it's too late now, I said "I'd love to" or something similar and now I will have to live with the repercussions of my reckless words. I'm starting small though.

There is this odd thing that can happen when participating in team activities, where one person on the team is more burden than benefit, like an obsolete laptop computer, they're heavy, slow, loud and only rarely useful (and even then only for short periods of time). When we play Halo3 at the BadPopcorn office that laptop is me.

So really, what can the guy with the most deaths and least kills say to the rest of the team? "Uh Sorry I suck guys"? Even if it is sincere, it isn't going to make the sucking stop, the sucking will continue. I do not have an "A-Game" that I have been not bringing, that can be brought now that I have realized my suck-ocity. To paraphrase Descartes, I suck therefore I am.

So what can the guy that drags the team down do?

Well I could stop playing, but screw that, the game is fun even when I come in last...unerringly, completely, utterly last. As discussed earlier an apology just doesn't seem right unless I intend to do something to lessen the chances of similar wronging in the future. I'm afraid I cannot promise that.

Leaving only one option, a simple and heartfelt admission of wrongdoing and regret...

So yeah, Moe. That rocket in your back when you were trying to splatter Ben on the Mongoose?

My Bad