Google Health

Google health launched today and could be really big. The new Google product will let you store and manage all of your health information in one central place. I think this is a great step forward for the online medical community. Sites like webmd are very informative but not personal. I can only imagine the amount of data Google will be able to index now. But hey, it's free.

I hope Google doesn't drop the ball on the social side, because it could be really helpful to a lot of people. Let users rate and comment on doctors and perhaps even view your friend's doctors. Let users exchange medical treatments they tried out and give first hand accounts of medications. I'm tired of going to sites that pretend to be informative when, in actuality, are trying to push a certain new medication or treatment process on you.

  • Start tracking a medical history and learn about your conditions
  • Import your medical records
  • View your medical history
  • Find out how medications might interact
  • Make your health information work for you
  • Search for doctors and hospitals

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