Join the BadPopcorn Team!

BadPopcorn is growing faster than the few of us can handle. Therefore we are hiring for a number of diverse positions, strategically chosen to increase our presence in parts of the world (and beyond!) where our market penetration is less than optimal.

If your specialty is not listed here, don't worry! As we expand, so will our needs. Let's say you're a ranch hand with 25 years of experience in the field, but you've just found a way to get internet access through a barbed-wire fence. Send in your resume and we'll get back to you as soon as we make our move into the wilds of Wyoming. Maybe you're a marine biologist and you've just learned how to teach dolphins to write Ruby; let us know!

This is what we're looking for currently.

Secret Agent

The Secret Agent will infiltrate other companies to spread open source ideologies and generally demoralize the marketing department, as well as taking pictures of upper management in compromizing positions.


  • 15 years experience in CIA, KGB or other major espionage organization.
  • Experience with gadgets, gizmos, and gunpowder a big plus.
  • 2 years experience with ruby or python, or a simlar language.
  • Big bonus points if you're worked for an organization we have not heard of.
  • Experience with propoganda writing a must-have!


The astronaut will test the effects of zero-gravity and solar radiation on our products. He will also search for intelligent life within our galaxy, and see if they know anything about Web 3.0 yet.


  • Ability to withstand a dose of over 6 Greys of radiation.
  • We will pay extra if you have your own space suit.
  • Tilesetting skills a must. Our re-entry vehicle has a few bugs.
  • The computer that sent Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins to the moon was no more powerful than a four-function calculator. Therefore we will be providing you with a TI-34 scientific calculator for timing your burns. You will be expected to be familiar with its use.


The adventurer will make first contact with isolated tribes and teach them how to use Linux, how to develop agile web applications, and how to get connected to the internet with a geothermal-powered generator and a satellite dish made from an old garbage can lid. We will be in direct competition with the OLPC campaign.


  • Knowledge of basic networking protocols such as TCP/IP; Also knowledge of how to hack into satellite networks to get onto the Internet. You will be working with our astronaut team.
  • Fearless, particularly when it comes to snakes, poison arrows, jaguars, Nazis, and ancient gods.
  • Knowledge of languages such as Sanskrit, Quechuan, and R'leyhian.
  • Applicants will be tested on their agility and expertise with a whip.
  • Must provide own fedora.


The documentarian will make a daily record of our company's progress with the goal of releasing our story on as many forms of media as possible. Must be able to accurately reinterpret "facts" and "truth" to match our ever-changing company policy. If you read 1984 and dreamed of a job at Minitru this job is for you!


  • Typesetting skills with a tool such as LaTeX.
  • 2 years voiceover experience (for the audiobook).
  • 2+ years experience in a beatboxing environment is highly desired; due to budgetary concerns and the high price of rocket fuel and packs of dental floss which is really plastic explosive, we are unable to hire an orchestra for the movie's background music.
  • Must not be Michael Moore.